San Carlo

„La vera pizza Napoletana“, the original Neapolitan pizza.


Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese are two key ingredients for the fancied Neapolitan pizza. The crust is slightly charred. It has a crisp outer layer, but inside it´s airy and light. The ingredients are not piled high, but instead are perfectly balanced. It´s sweet, salty, full flavored but not greasy. The tomatoes burst with flavor. Each bite makes you hungrier for the next. If this is what you want, you can´t miss visiting “San Carlo“.

Located right next to the Dancing House, our Ristorante San Carlo, named after the famed Opera theatre in Napoli, provides a cosy atmosphere with Italian friendly touch and most importantly the authentic Napolitan pizza. „Pizza is a passion and an art for Neapolitans and it has clear rules how it should be prepared“, explains our pizzaiolo. „The key are the ingredients and the right preparation. The stone oven should be over 400°C to ensure that every bite is crispy just as it should be.“

Besides the various kinds of pizza, you will find on the menu other delicious italian specialities to complement the casual style of San Carlo. During the warm spring days you may enjoy the summer terrace providing comfortable shade and a relaxing getataway from the bustling streets of the city centre.

Buon Appetito